Ongoing development:

  • SuperAdmin 10% 10%
  • Finance 10% 10%

Latest updates:

2023 May
  • Integration – Folkeregisteret

2023 April
  • Online sales

2023 March
  • Scheduled announcements: You will now be able to schedule announcements in advance, making it easier to plan and communicate important information.

  • New chat function: We have improved the chat function, which makes it more user-friendly and efficient for communication between users.

  • Alerts: The alert system has been enhanced to provide you with timely and relevant information.

October 2022
  • Help center has been published
  • Package settings.
  • Permissions have been updated. Guardians who do not give permission for personal information on the app cannot be seen by other guardians
  • The text to speech feature has been published. App users can listen to the text of the chat in their own languages.
  • Guardians can download images via the app
  • Notes on the gallery have been updated.
  • Sorting by name is published in attendance and bedtime.
  • General notices are published. Admin 1-2 can send announcements to several organizations at once.
  • In announcements, it is possible to send a picture as an attachment
  • In attendance, it is possible to see a yellow icon, if there is a parental note (same as bedtime)
  • In the chat, users can pin 3 conversations on the app
  • The main panel has been updated
  • The translation function has been updated. Translated text in several languages can be seen on announcements (on the web admin), if parents have chosen a different language on the app.
November 2022
  • Count list has been published.
  • The calendar has been updated (Request participation).
  • Capacity management has been published.
  • The application for a place has been published.
  • Letter is published.
  • The login structure has been updated.
September 2022
  • Version 1.13 has been published
  • Profile 1.0 has been launched
  • Report 1.0 (Beta version) has been launched
  • Chat translation has been launched
  • Quality of uploaded images has been improved
  • The login and password change process has been updated
  • "Force to update" has been launched
  • Small improvements
August 2022
  • Uploading and downloading images via webadmin
  • Filtering on the gallery
  • Change in consent
  • Capacity of kindergartens
  • "Information" on the panel
  • Small improvements
June 2022
  • Summary of attendance on dashboard

  • Calendar function 1.0

  • Add the image to users

  • Number of children in the institution

  • Turkish language on webadmin

  • 1000 characters for messages

  • Small improvements

May 2022
  • Upcoming birthdays on dashboard
  • Child names on messages (webadmin)
  • Link in announcements
  • List of children under departments
  • Summary of recipients in announcements
April 2022
  • Attendance update
  • "Remember me" is updated by default in the app
  • Messages are limited to 255 characters
  • Scrolling between images has been updated
  • Bedtime feature 1.0 has been launched
  • Persian, Urdu and Ukrainian have been added to the system
March 2022
  • SMS 1.0 has been published
  • The character limit for announcements has been increased to 2000 characters
  • The PDF function on the app has been updated
  • Small updates
  • Performance updates
  • Push notifications update
February 2022
  • Consent has been updated.
  • Employee access is update.
  • Annexes to announcements have been published.
  • Mobile app v1.6 has been published
  • Uploading multiple photos at the same time on the app (v1.6.2)
January 2022
  • Registration of children and parents via the excel sheet
  • Mobile Application 1.5
  • Admin function 1.3
  • Registration function 1.3
  • Attendance function 1.2
  • Activities function 1.0
  • Announcements function 1.1
  • Document function 1.2
  • Gallery function 1.0
  • Messages feature 1.0
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