In the letter module, employees can easily send letters and information to parents. It is easy to create your own templates for letters, so that the information has a professional appearance. Letters are sent out via e-mail. Sent letters have their own archive, in addition to the fact that created templates can easily be saved for later use.

To create a template:

Click on "letters" in the menu on the left.

Here you have the opportunity to create a new letter, or create a template for later use. 

Inside the letter templates, you add the template name, title and main text.

At the bottom of the right-hand side, you have the opportunity to see a preview of how the letter will look, before you save the template.

Preview of the letter/template.

When you now press "send new letter" in the "letter" category, the template is ready for use.

Now the various fields are filled in, and you only need to add the recipient and address, before adjusting the text for the new meeting!

We are always looking to improve: If you have input on how the Brev module can improve functionality for you as a user, please contact