Is your child ready for the big day? The start of school and kindergarten is approaching, and here are some useful tips to help your child get a great start to the new everyday life.

Talk positively about the school/kindergarten: Encourage the child to have a positive mindset about the new experience. Explain that the start of school or kindergarten will be an exciting time with new friends, play and learning.

Talk about the feelings: Encourage the child to talk about his feelings about starting school or kindergarten. Listen to their concerns or questions, and reassure them that it's natural to feel a little anxious in a new situation.

Visit the school/kindergarten: Take the child on a visit to the school or nursery before the first day. Explore the area together, visit the classrooms and play areas, and let the child get to know the new environment.

Social gathering: Plan social gatherings with other children who are also starting school or kindergarten. This can help the child build friendships and feel more comfortable in the new environment.

Talk about expectations: Take the time to talk to the child about what the child can expect at school or in the nursery. Explain what a typical day might look like, what activities they will participate in, and that it is completely normal to feel a little nervous.

Build routines: Start by establishing fixed routines for bedtime, meals and morning routines a few weeks before the start of school or kindergarten. This will help the child adapt to the new schedule.

Read books about school/kindergarten: Read books with the child about starting school or kindergarten. This can help them understand what will happen and what to expect.

We wish all children and parents a wonderful start to school and kindergarten, filled with learning, friendship and good experiences! 🌟🎉

For more tips on starting kindergarten/school - get more information at:

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