They claim that Norway is a multicultural society today. This is due, among other things, to a cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. This means that the kindergarten staff has no choice but to relate to the cultural diversity. The many differences therefore become an integral part of everyday life.

The everyday life of the kindergarten's employees and children is characterized by the fact that many people work together. Kindergarten children are often from families with different cultural backgrounds. Today, it is common to refer to people with a minority background as multicultural. This is an attitude that is reflected in today's kindergartens.

Cultural diversity in today's kindergartens

It can be positive that the kindergarten consists of a cultural diversity. In a multicultural kindergarten, there are often children with a minority background. This term is usually used based on the children's and parents' cultural background. In this context, it does not matter what cultural background the kindergarten employees have.

Today, the goal of most kindergartens is to involve the employees to a greater extent. It is important that the pedagogical design also bears the mark of being multicultural. Kindergarten staff should ensure that the pedagogical content is adapted to the cultural background of each individual child. The pedagogical content should therefore be shaped on the basis of the children's preferences.

Several angles on cultural diversity

It is not always as easy to angle cultural diversity as something positive in a hectic everyday life. Small problems can arise due to disagreements. Kindergarten staff should therefore try to use a solution-oriented approach. A welcoming attitude to cultural differences will in the long run improve everyday life, for the many children with a minority background.

· Multicultural diversity - a normal state in the kindergarten

· Children with a minority background must be taken into account

· A natural multicultural everyday life in the kindergarten

A cultural community in everyday life

Kindergarten employees can choose whether the cultural differences are to be met with a problem-oriented or resource-oriented attitude. A problem-related attitude can help increase inequality among children and employees. A solution-oriented attitude will in the long run contribute to increasing the cultural understanding in everyday kindergarten life. 

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