Today, in Kiddy, we want to mark the International Mother Language Day - UNESCO marks the International Mother Language Day to promote the world's linguistic and cultural diversity. In 2023, the theme is "Multilingual education - a necessity for transforming education in a multilingual world".

For us at Kiddy, creating sustainable solutions to societal challenges is both a responsibility and an opportunity. As entrepreneurs with an immigrant background, we know how difficult it is to learn a new language while integrating into society.

We founded Daxap and created Kiddy to simplify communication for everyone through smart digital solutions that break down language and cultural barriers. We identified a need for multilingual communication, to combat the alienation of guardians who do not speak the same mother tongue as in Norway, but who equally have every right to participate in the environment of being a parent. Every right to receive the same information that every guardian in Norway is entitled to. Kiddy will contribute to better inclusion of guardians, which in turn will contribute to better integration. Because together we are stronger, especially if we as a society manage to both safeguard, learn and use linguistic diversity. Our philosophy is that language and cultural differences are a strength and resource, and not an obstacle and a barrier. It just has to be made available to everyone.