Kiddy simplifies communication and collaboration for employees and supervisors. Multilingual communication becomes easier with Kiddy! 

Simplified communication

Kiddy functions as a multilingual communication tool for all employees and parents in a kindergarten, school/SFO, course or sports club with unique functions on web and mobile platforms. Kiddy comes with as many as 11 languages, automatically translates, and helps you communicate, plan and organize the day for the benefit of the children.  


  • Saves time. 
  • Creates a better and more efficient everyday life. 
  • Collaborates more easily with employees and parents. 
  • Contributes to better inclusion / integration. 



Kiddy solves your challenges and gives you more time for the kids.


Kiddy is a multilingual app that makes communication and collaboration more efficient and easy.

Collaboration with parents

Kiddy, a management and parent information system specifically designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between staff and parents. At KIDDY, we believe in the inclusion of everyone parents in institutions contribute to better integration and communication, no matter what language is spoken at home. 

With Kiddy, staff will have a tool at hand that makes a difference to parents and allows you to communicate instantly. Kiddy helps employees to establish a good and interactive collaboration between guardians and the institution. 


Online message

Online messages between management, employees and superiors. Get more time for the kids and other practical tasks. 


An advanced control panel where everything can be easily controlled and planned.


Kiddy has the user's needs in focus, and is frequently developed with new functions.

IOS - Android

Perfect performance for all devices using iOS or Android.


Make communication and collaboration more efficient and easy with 11 languages. 

Push notifications

Ability to send alerts to the desired people. 

Document sharing

Sharing documents in multiple languages for groups. 

Unlimited membership support

Unlimited technical support throughout the subscription. 


Employees can upload photos directly in the App, so that parents can get an insight into their children's everyday lives.

Hear from users

Kiddy has been easy to get acquainted with. Easy to register employees and children / parents. This is a good improvement on a previously used communication solution.

Employed in District Søndre Nordstrand

Kiddy has worked with us quite well. We send photos, sms and other information to parents. The best thing about kiddy is the translation feature. Several of our parents have given feedback on it.

Employed in District Søndre Nordstrand


Download the app

The Kiddy app can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play. To use the app, you must have been registered as a parent or employee of an institution.


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